ENERGY PAINTBALL is a brand of paintball batteries. Our batteries have been developed to answer exactly to spécific needs of loaders and markers, wich used a lot of energy. We’ve turned to our  development team of engineers and professional athletesto bring to you the most advanced paintball batteries. You will be able to find our batteries in all the tournament, shops andfields around the world. ENERGY PAINTBALL batteries will become a new consumer good as the paint in shops.

ENERGY PAINTBALL engineers have developed different kind ofproducts: Alkaline and rechargeable products. We have developed9V and AA in the booth technology. Our products are packaged to be optimized for the player, it could find pack of double 9V for hishopper, single 9V for his marker (or other kind of hopper) and AAby 6 batteries for his loader (type Rotor).

Professional teams and pro players have chosen to play with ENERGY PAINTBALL batteries like team Dynasty, Infamous, Tontonsand others pro players like Konstantin Federov, Jon Richardson,Bobby Aviles, Ryan Greenspan, Nicky Cuba, Mr U, Rocky Cagnonior the Lundqvist brothers.

We always look to find new partners so, feel free to contact usIf you want to become one of our business partners to discussabout opportunities to realize your project with ENERGY PAINTBALL.